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7 lbs 13 oz

new fresh build.. one of a kind

Fender USA solid rosewood neck part # 0993960921 (sells for $699)

22 Narrow Tall Frets, 9.5" Radius, Natural

Fender gloss black Telecaster body (sells for $249)

black Kluson tuners ($50)

single ply black guard ($30)

Fender Custom Shop Texas Specal Tele set ($189)

black Tele bridge with brass compensated saddles($40)

brass saddle were burnt with echant solution and tinted black to get them darker than shiny brass

black control plate and knobs

Fender CTS solid shaft volume pot

Fender push pull tone post for out of phase tone in middle position

CRL 3 way toggle

switchcraft input jack

Black Electro socket

all cloth wiring

9-42 strings

all parts added up cost more than $1250

plus the labor to professionally assemble and adjust this new guitar

I am an authorized Fender dealer / guitar service tech and all these parts are new directly from Fender except for the some of the black hardware which is WD

neck has been stained with black tint to make it darker but the gorgeous rosewood grain is still very visible

I tried to make this an all black Tele, I have never seen another exactly like this

neck pickup cover was changed to a black cover from WD

new custom build Fender Telecaster USA solid rosewood neck BLACK BLACK

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