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$9500 OBO

1956 CF Martin D-21 

Serial #150374 

Very nice condition
Has had a neck reset, new bridge saddle and new bridge plate

Work was performed by Brothers Music in Wind Gap PA, the Brothers are ex CF Martin workers with top level knowledge and skills of CFM repair work. Work completed November 2022

Finish is apparently an overspray but its very hard to tell, it looks like a factory paint job to the average looker. Only and expert could tell its not original finish

The Brazilian rosewood back is some of the most stunning grain I've ever seen
Finish on the back is also super clean with no buckle rash or serious scratches, please look over the pictures
Vintage case has a broken handle, case may be an older Gibson case
Brazilian rosewood bridge is also stunning - sorry I didn't include a closeup but its really good
Pickguard is faded but appears to be ok and original, no lifting. I would leave it be
Action is excellent and there is plenty of room for adjustment since its had a neck re set

Neck shape is wonderful, it has a slight V shape
I think the guitar is so nice I would leave it be

1956 C.F. Martin D-21 Brazilian Rosewood Back & Sides w Case

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