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New for Sale $40 - Please Call to Purchase


Gibson Vintage Original Instrument Cables faithfully carry the signal from your instrument to your amp without the tone-robbing effects of cable capacitance.

These Switchcraft-manufactured cables use only premium, low capacitance conductors, and each is fully shielded for low-noise performance. Based on vintage Gibson cables from the 50s and 60s, with both low-profile right-angle and straight connectors, they're compatible with every instrument, regardless of manufacturer.

- Low profile and lightweight
- Very low capacitance to protect your tone
- Premium 22 AWG conductors 
- Fully shielded
- One straight and one right-angled 1/4" molded plug
- Durable construction, with PVC outer jackets
- Retro vibe, inspired by vintage Gibson cables
- Limited lifetime warranty
- RoHS Compliant

Gibson Vintage Original Instrument Cable Gray 10' $40

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