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New for Sale $349 - Please Call to Purchase


fits SJ-200 , J-200

Since 1918, Lifton™ has been acclaimed worldwide for fine leather goods and musical instrument cases that are as synonymous with Gibson as the instruments inside of them. Lifton continues that tradition of excellence today with our Lifton Historic Hardshell Cases. Inspired by the iconic cases from the 50s and 60s that were made during the height of Gibson’s Golden Era, they feature classic styling and are designed to provide a lifetime of protection for your prized Gibson guitar.

Designed to fit: 50s SJ-200 (fits most J-200™ models) 
Exterior: Mottled Brown Tolex 
Interior: Pink Plush 
Historic C-shaped handle 
Historic style latches with one locking latch 
Accessory compartment with ribbon pulltab 
Internal dimensions: 44 1/4” total interior length, 24 3/4” body length, 12 7/8” upper bout width, 10 7/8” waist width, 16 1/2” lower bout width, 4 3/8” depth

Gibson Lifton Historic Brown Pink Hardshell Case SJ-200 J-200 $349

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