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The WL-30XLR brings the freedom of BOSS's leading wireless technology to your favorite XLR dynamic mic. Set up is quick and streamlined, eliminating the connection hassles found with other systems. Performance is rock solid, with 14-channel scanning and long transmission range. And common AA alkaline batteries provide long-lasting operation, plus fast change-out to keep the show rolling. From singers, speakers, and beatboxers to DJs, MCs, and beyond, the WL-30XLR makes it easy for everyone to embrace premium wireless microphone sound.  

Step Up to Wireless Freedom: 

For any performer or speaker who uses a microphone to communicate with an audience, nothing beats the liberation of wireless. Movement is unrestricted, with no cables to trip over and get in the way. And for stand-mounted applications, it eliminates the need to route yet another cable to the audio mixer or stage amp. Once you experience wireless freedom with the WL-30XLR, you'll never want to go back to a mic cable again.  

One, Two, Done: 

The WL-30XLR makes wireless set up simple, thanks to an automatic scanning process that's smooth, reliable, and hassle-free. After connecting the receiver to an XLR mic input on your mixer or other audio destination and the transmitter to your dynamic mic, you can get up and running with a quick two-step process. Just press a button on the receiver to automatically scan 14 channels and find the best one for your environment, and then confirm the setting on the transmitter-that's it! 

Premium Performance with BOSS Wireless Innovation: 

The WL-30XLR leverages the innovative BOSS technologies behind the acclaimed WL-series wireless products for guitar, bass, and other instruments, as well as the Waza-Air and Katana-Air wireless amplification systems. Lightning fast processing provides exceptional sound with ultra-low latency, plus robust line-of-sight transmission up to 230 feet/70 meters.  

No Charging Needed: 

The WL-30XLR's receiver and transmitter each use a single AA alkaline battery, allowing you to quickly refresh their power with no need to wait for charging. Runtime is up to 11 hours, good for multiple gigs and rehearsals. And when the juice runs out, you can swap batteries in seconds and be back in action right away.


- Plug-and-play wireless system for a standard dynamic XLR microphone  
- Premium audio performance with lightning-fast BOSS wireless technology
- Fast, two-step visual process for hassle-free set up
- Up to 11 hours of runtime with regular AA alkaline batteries
- Transmission range: 230 feet/70 meters (line-of-sight propagation) *The transmission range may vary due to local conditions.
- Rock-solid wireless performance with 14-channel scanning 
- Battery LED for checking available runtime
- Light and compact transmitter for comfortable handheld performance  
- Receiver connects to an XLR mic input on a mixer, amplifier, audio interface, etc.
- Channel lock function for worry-free operation

Boss WL-30XLR Wireless System for Dynamic Microphones

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