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The Boss SY-200 transforms your guitar or bass into a versatile analog-flavored synth, ready to infuse your music with dynamic, compelling, and evocative new voices. This streamlined stomp gives you 171 total sounds organized in 12 intuitive categories, along with adjustable parameters for customizing the tone and response. And with 128 memory locations, you're able to store your favorite sounds and instantly recall them while performing.

Build Custom Sounds Fast 

With the SY-200's informative display and hands-on controls, it's quick and easy to call up sounds and balance the direct and synth levels. All the preset synth tones have been dialed in by the BOSS engineers to be inspiring and playable right away. But if you want to go deeper, you can tweak three different parameters for each sound via dedicated knobs.  

Flexible Connectivity 

The SY-200 smoothly integrates into your setup in a variety of ways. Patch it in your chain like a regular pedal, or use the send and output jacks to route synth and straight guitar sounds to different destinations. And with the send/return loop and level knobs, it's possible to craft unique hybrid sounds by blending one or more pedals in parallel with different synth voices. 

Powerful Real-Time Control 

The SY-200 provides a massive range of control options while taking up minimal space on your pedalboard. Two customizable footswitches offer multi-functional operation with press-and-hold functionality, allowing you tocontrol synth on/off, memory scrolling, pitch bend, synth hold, and more. Expanded control is possible via external footswitches or an expression pedal, and MIDI I/O is also available to interface with other MIDI-equipped pedals and devices like the ES-8 and ES-5 loop switchers.  

Plug-and-Play and Latency-Free 

You can use the SY-200 with any guitar or bass--just plug in with a standard 1/4-inch cable and start creating. Thanks to custom DSP and the latest BOSS innovations, you'll enjoy latency-free performance that's a natural extension of your instrument, letting you play freely without altering your normal technique in any way.

Supercharge Your Music with a Diverse Range of Sounds 

The SY-200 is loaded with a large library of synthesizer tones to inspire new ideas and bring fresh voices to your music.  

- LEAD: A wide range of sounds suitable for single-note soloing.
- PAD: Full tones that work great with chords, from layered pads to synth brass and more.
- STRING: Classic analog-style strings, including layered voices and sweeping textures.
- BELL: Percussive synth sounds with metallic resonance.
- ORGAN: A large selection of organ sounds, including many with rotary-style modulation.
- BASS: Fat synth bass sounds, including filtered and sub-octave tones.
- DUAL: Fat synth tones with stacked oscillators.
- SWEEP: Dynamic sounds with expressive and engaging movement.
- NOISE: Classic analog-style synth noise. Great for percussive sounds and dramatic effects.
- SFX: A variety of synth sound effects, including explosive one-shot sounds, animated pitch/filter voices, and more.
- SEQ: Pulsating sounds with rhythmic pitch or filter changes.
- ARPEGGIO: Generate rhythmic arpeggios based on the notes you play.

Boss SY-200 Synthesizer Pedal

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