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Perhaps the quintessential effects pedal for the guitar, or any other instrument that needs to be "heavied-up," the distortion pedal reigns supreme. Boss's version of this classic is one of the most popular and longest lived. This pedal was first released over 20 years ago, and as such, transcends the "retro" craze by remaining a vital instrument today.

Music trends may come and go, but it seems that no matter what fad may evolve, a guitar with a good, smooth distortion tone is going to figure into it sooner or later. You can crank the DS1 up to a brutal stonk, or dial it down for a more subtle effect. Spin the tone control to tailor your sound from the bottom-rich tones so cool for harder jams to the trebly, cutting edge, closer-to-a-60's-fuzz tone. Stop anywhere in between to suit your own taste.

A distortion pedal is not a substitute for a good amp, but, in the same breath, amp distortion is not a substitute for a good distortion pedal. If you play guitar, you're going to need a good distortion pedal sooner or later. The DS1 by Boss is a very, very good distortion pedal.


    Uses 9-volt battery or PSA-120 adapter (not included).

    Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

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