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brand new one of a kind special order
2019 CF Martin Custom Shop 0-28K 12 fret flamed koa
this is a totally unique one of a kind guitar which features many unique specs

front and back are two matching sets of flamed koa that were next to each other in the tree
satin finish which is very unusual on a 28 series guitar, almost always thick glossy finish. I requested thin satin finish to allow the wood to vibrate more freely
also the headstock does not have a martin logo but rather a ornate pearl flower pot design with a pineapple . I came up with this idea spontaneously in the Custom Shop since the guitar is made from Hawaiian Koa I though "how about a little pineapple??" they stated they had never done that before (maybe its a stupid idea but I love it) there is also a pineapple inlay on the fingerboard, again totally unique. I had 2 of these made (an 0-18 & and 0-28) so only 2 with pineapple and 2 different models so they are each one of a kind
nut is 1-11/16"

comes with all papers and deluxe case

2019 Martin Custom Shop 0-28K Flamed Koa

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