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$2900 OBO
1965 Fender Twin Reverb Amp

Black panel black face amp  "Fender Electric"
Date code is not legible on tube chart but all dates codes are 1965 with "Fender Electric" 
This amp has been serviced recently and is ready to roll with zero issues, fully working, everything sounds great
This came in with incorrect speakers so I decided on a fresh pair of Jensen "Vintage Neo" N12K 8 ohm speakers
The Neo N12Ks are a perfect match for a twin reverb and drop the weight of the amp down to 58 lbs 
Most twin reverb amps hover around 70 lbs or more depending on speakers. Power tubes are a fresh set of medium gain Groove tubes/ Russian Sovtek with only a few minutes on them, all biased and dialed in
All of the filter caps that would age out have been replaced as shown
Local pickup only

1965 Fender Twin Reverb Black Face Serviced

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