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1963 Gibson SG Junior Modded non original guitar
Nut width is 1.67"
Neck thickness behind the 1st fret is .80"
Neck thickness behind the 12th fret is .97"
Faded black lacquer relic finish
Has a repaired neck and body crack
Body was routed for humbucker and stripped
The route was modded to fit as Filtertron and flat black lacquered
An undercoat of white finish was added
Original color was white as seen in the cavities
So when the black wears thru the white will show. I did not relic this at all really so it will naturally age in the future
New Gretsch Filtertron was used with the original pots and cap
Original pickup was gone
Truss rod cover is new, truss rod works very good
Has a new Mojo Axe pickguard and modern compensated bridgeI will include the original lighting bridge with compensation for wound G which makes no sense in 2024
6 LBS 2 OZ
Neck is straight, neck angle is also good. bridge height is good
Frets appear to be original and show wear but I have dressed and polished the frets and it plays very well as is
I was on the fence about putting on new frets but it plays good so I went with the original frets and new owner can decide to live with the frets or not. I personally could live with these frets for possibly the rest of my life but I don't burn thru frets
It depends on your personal preference
Original tuners I think
Backplate is plywood as I got it
Filtertron sounds killer and is super versatile and quiet
Will ship in a good quality hardshell SKB case
Face of headstock is original finish
Back of headstock was stripped previously
I did not do anything and bursted in the black to preserve the serial number
Super fun guitar (I have too many)

1963 Gibson SG Jr Junior modded faded Ebony Black relic with Filtertron

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