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Vintage 1959  1960 Fender Tweed Bassman Combo Amp
5F6-A circuit shown on tube chart with II date code 1959

speaker codes date to 1960, speakers appear to be original so this amp most likely left the factory in 1960
Amp appears to have never been serviced
None of the caps are blown out and are currently working. The warranty has expired
Its runs smooth and quiet now but again ....THE WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED
Plan on having this amp serviced if you want to tour with it and have it be reliable
The only issues keeping this from be really original are the addition of casters on the bottom and  2 handles added to each side
The original tweed is in really nice condition and not beat up
The amp and circuit appear to be original and never serviced
I think the tubes are all old too. May have a few newer tubes but they appear to be old vintage tubes
Local pickup only
Please arrange for an appointment if you want to personally see this amp

1959 1960 Tweed Fender 5F6-A Bassman 4x10 Combo Amp

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