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1947 CF Martin D-28 guitar
4 lbs 12 oz
Brazilian rosewood back and sides
original tuners
original finish except the back
this guitar was locally owned
2 owner guitar

In 2018 it had some work done at the Martin Factory to bring it back to specs
I understand the bill was about $1800 and it was a whole laundry list of work done
neck re set, some finish work. 
It looks like the back was over sprayed. 
The rest of the guitar looks like original finish. 
They usually do a little touchup at the neck joint during a neck re set to make it look perfect
Bridge looks new and as you can see the neck angle is correct and saddle height is where it should be with nice easy action. 
Again all this was done at the CF Martin Factory
It does not look any major repair were ever done, no serious cracks or breaks 
I have not checked the inside yet to see if there are cleats or repairs I will add new notes asap.
A local cowboy played this guitar during the 1950's 
The case is a newer 500 series case, very high quality
comes with papers from Martin factory repair work and a copy of photo of original owner with this guitar

1947 CF Martin D-28 Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought Acoustic with case

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