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vintage early 1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Standardoriginal real PAF pickups

cherry finish with sideways tremelo

all original electronics including 2 original PAF humbuckers
pickups may have been removed to swap out at some point and put back in there is also an extra pointless ground wire between the 2 volume pots

neck pickup has a nice PAF sticker, bridge pickup has most of the sticker missing but never been unsoldered so 

electronics are fully working as they should.

all original but worn finish, never broken or repaired.


I am the second owner of this guitar. I gave it a good tune up and just played it a few times.

the original ABR non wire bridge had a tendency for the saddle to pop out so I put on a new Historic no wire ABR which works great, the original is in the case which is a newer Gibson SG case, the guitar did not come with the original case. I think I may have added a washer or nut to the sideways trem arm to get it tighter so it actually works. The tremelo did not work very well when I got it, I have adjusted it and now it works nicely. this has the late 1960 very thin neck that late 1960 Les Pauls are known for.
Hard to tell if frets are original or not but they are in very good condition and neck is straight and plays great.I gave the frets a light dressing and polish. the truss rod works fine, neck is straight with no issues. action is very low and easy to play, neck joint is at a good angle

pot codes are 3rd week of the 1961 so this is a very early low serial number 1961 Les Paul SG, most I am seeing available right now are a little later or 1962


I acquired a correct 1960-1961 brown SG case for this which will be included

not shown, I will add pictures asap




1961 vintage Gibson Les Paul SG Standard cherry red PAF pickups original

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