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The Strymon Sunset is a dual-channel overdrive pedal with a wealth of tones making it one of the most versatile overdrives on the market. It's actually two overdrive pedals in one - the Sunset is split down the middle with footswitches for the A and B channels, as well as Level, Drive, and Tone controls for each side. The A channel has a three-way switch that allows for different voicings. The top is a Germanium clipping, the middle is a Texas drive, and the bottom is a Treble Booster. On the B channel, you get 2-stage clipping, hard clipping, and a JFET boost circuit. With stunning versatility and Strymon's renowned quality, the Sunset is a sure-fire overdrive hit.


-Six drive circuit topologies with custom tuned voicing for each drive type
-Precision crafted drive circuits stackable in multiple combinations
-Analog class A JFET input gain stage
-Drive and Tone control ranges optimized for each circuit topology
-Series, reverse series, and parallel drive circuit stacking via Config switch
-Bright switch
-Optional variable-threshold noise reduction
-Designed and built in the USA

Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal

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