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The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Parlor Flat Top acoustic guitar is a classy throwback to the '30s, '40s, and '50s -- an era when smaller-sized parlor guitars, like the Gretsch Rex, made their rounds as commonplace companions for musicians. This modestly priced acoustic treat features an agathis top, back, and sides with attractive white binding, a comfortable nato neck stretching 18 frets long, a comfortable and smooth rosewood fingerboard, a secure rosewood bridge, and elongated bouts for a bigger sound and overall projection for such a small-bodied instrument. Whether you're searching for an interesting throwback sound, or just looking for a strum-able companion on your porch, this acoustic guitar is ready to bring the twang.

Gretsch's Roots in American Music 

The G9500 Jim Dandy Parlor Flat Top is part of Gretsch's Roots collection. Gretsch began in 1883 as a banjo company, and before long they branched out to building ukuleles, mandolins, and flat top guitars. Your G9500 Jim Dandy Parlor Flat Top is a reminder of Gretsch's deep roots in America's musical history, and what better way is there to celebrate than taking this throwback-axe on a stroll down American memory lane.

Warm and Articulate Agathis Body 

The top, back, and sides of your G9500 Parlor Flat Top are comprised of agathis. This wood is somewhat similar to mahogany, which offers a slight push on the lows and mids, but agathis yields slightly less depth than mahogany. This guitar will have a somewhat brighter sound as a result. Elongated bouts and its 12 fret design offer a nice projection and clear articulation. You'll definitely get an interesting classic sound if you bring a microphone up close while playing.

Comfy Nato Neck 

The 24" scaled neck is cut into a easy-to-hold C shape, and a smooth rosewood fingerboard features 18 frets -- 12 frets past the body -- that each harness a comfortable action for your fingers to enjoy. White dotted fingerboard inlays mark your fret positions, which match nicely with this guitar's attractive white body binding.


- 12-fret acoustic guitar from Gretsch's Roots collection
- Old-fashioned look of the '30s, '40s, and '50s
- Parlor body shape -- no cutaway
- X body bracing
- Body length: 18"
- Body width: 13"
- Body depth: 3.875"
- Attractive white binding
- Agathis top
- Agathis back and sides
- Nato neck
- C neck shape
- Rosewood fingerboard
- White dotted fingerboard inlays
- 18 frets -- 12 frets past body
- Scale length of 24"
- Open gear tuning machines
- Secure rosewood bridge

Gretsch G9500 Limited Edition Jim Dandy Black Walnut Fingerboard Nocturne Blue

SKU: 2704000528
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