FINAL FANTASY XIV CRYSTAL SHARDS is a special limited model pick jointly developed by Fender and the Final Fantasy XIV team as a special project for Fender's 75 year anniversary.

This crystal motif pick, a symbol of Final Fantasy, was designed by Fender under the supervision of the Final Fantasy XIV team. For Final Fantasy fans and guitarists, it has many attractive elements that can only be obtained with this product.

A three-dimensional shape is used for the pick shape in order to reproduce "crystal fragments". The edges of the pick and the center of the backside are crystal cut to gather and shine, and the design faithfully reproduces the world view of Final Fantasy. In addition, the cut at the center of the back side is hollow, which contributes to the grip feeling when you put your thumb on it. The overall design maintains high performance and unique acoustic characteristics with a sense of mass by tapering up to 3.7 mm in thickness to the tip in three dimensions.

Fender Final Fantasy XIV Crystal Shards guitar picks limited edition