Independent volume and gain control for all three channels has arrived with the 5150III(R) 50W EL34 head. Experience total control, along with the same lethal looks and ferocious EL34 tone of the 100-Watt head.

The EL34 power tubes deliver smoother contours, and greater sag and saturation that evoke a more modern "British" sound, all with more sustain and versatility than ever before.

Channel one boasts a more sparkling and compressed clean tone, while channels two and three possess a slightly darker and compressed tone with even more saturation than before. Other features include a rear-panel resonance control that tailors low-frequency response for all channels, a global presence control and shared three-band EQ for channels 1 and 2 with an independent EQ for channel 3.

Wrapped in an elegant gold and black EVH motif, the EL34 50-watt head also is equipped with an effects loop, headphone jack, pre-amp out and MIDI-in.

A footswitch is included.

- Series: 5150III
- Amplifier type: tube
- Inputs: one - 1/4"
- Speaker jack: Two 1/4" parallel (4-ohm minimum)
- Channels: Three - clean, crunch and lead
- Controls: Channel 1 independent volume and gain w/ shared low, mid, and high, channel 2 independent volume and gain w/ shared low, mid, and high, channel 3 independent volume, gain, low, mid, and high eq, with global presence and resonance for all
- Control knobs: Chicken-head style pointer
- Wattage: 50 watts
- Preamp tubes: 7 x JJ ecc83s (12ax7)
- Power tubes: 2 x JJ el34 matched
- Rectifier tubes: Solid state
- Cabinet material: Birch ply
- Amplifier covering: Black textured vinyl
- Color: Black and gold motif
- Handle: Molded plastic strap with black powder coated caps
- Jewel light: Red LED jewel

EVH 5150III 50W EL34 Head Black

SKU: 2253060000