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Making sure your instrument gets to the gig in one piece is just as important as rocking out once you get there. With the EpiLite case from Epiphone, your instrument will travel in total comfort. The plush interior and rugged nylon exterior protect from scratches and dents while the internal neck support makes sure your headstock stays where it belongs — attached to the neck. The guitar players here at Sweetwater like the dual-zippered front pocket that can store your cables, extra strings, and capo with room to spare. For your convenience, Epiphone included a sturdy handle and backpack straps to let you transport your guitar your way. To give your Epiphone the protection it deserves, keep it in an EpiLite case.

  • Int Overall Length:40.25" 
  • Int Body Depth:4.13" 
  • Int Lower Bout Width:13" 
  • Int Upper Bout Width:9.25" 
  • External Materials:Nylon 
  • Handles/Straps:1 x handle, 2 x padded backpack straps

Epiphone SG-Style EpiLite Case Black and Grey $90