The BOSS DD-8 Digital Delay is the latest and greatest of BOSS delay stompboxes. Innovative yet familiar, the DD-8 introduces new features to make for a delay pedal that is both deeply technical and functionally streamlined. The intuitive BOSS DD design and interface makes a return to retain the quick and easy control that BOSS Digital Delays are known for. Using the precise and responsive controls, players can dial in to eleven delay modes, including three new delay types. Along with classic standard, analog, and reverse delays, players can access new modes such as Warm, +RV, and GLT. Further features of the DD-8 include a built-in loop function, mono and stereo connections, and footswitch compatibility. The DD-8 allows up to ten seconds of delay with a forty second looping function. Utilizing the extensive features of the DD-8 is streamlined to maximize on a wide range of delay effects. With a wide range of delays loaded into a compact stompbox, the BOSS DD-8 is an impressive new addition to the BOSS DD line of pedals.


    • Eight classic delay effect modes
    • Three new delay effect modes
    • Ten seconds of delay time with forty seconds of looping time
    • Mono and Stereo connections
    • Expression pedal and tap tempo capabilities
    • Powered by 9 Volt DC Power Supply with battery connection

    Uses 9-volt battery or PSA-120 adapter (not included).

      Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal