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Using the latest BOSS MDP technology, the BOSS BB-1X delivers enhanced bass tone no matter your style. Whether you need a scorching bass distortion or a bit of sweet tone-shaping, the BB-1X makes the grade.

Hi-def tones, clean or dirty.

* Enhance the details of your original sound or go for full-on distortion that adapts to any style without killing your low end.
* Blend knob for mixing your direct and effected signals to suit your taste.
* Line Out jack for a superior direct signal to a PA or recorder.

Premium X-Series sound and looks.

The BB-1X is a member of the BOSS X-series, bringing you superior sound and looks. BB-1X isn't just a distortion box, it's a pedal made to help you define your personal bass sound and preserve every sonic detail of your unique rig. With Blend, Low, High, and Drive knobs you have control of your tone at all times.

From screaming solos to funky clean tones, the BOSS BB-1X is a bassist's best friend. 

Full Features

* Enhances your existing tone and maintains the character of your bass and amp.
* Beautiful, modern BOSS distortion that works in any register and won't kill your low end.
* Blend knob for mixing effected sound and direct sound to taste.
* Low and High knobs for broad and detailed equalization tweaks.
* Standard output jack to feed your amplifier, plus a Line Out jack for a high quality direct sound to PA or recorder.

Uses 9-volt battery or PSA-120 adapter (not included).

Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal

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