Get all of your acoustic simulations in one simple stomp with the Boss AC-3 acoustic simulator pedal. This sleek stompbox features standard, jumbo, enhanced, and piezo modes; easy-to-use reverb, body, and top control knobs; and versatile output paths. As you'd expect from a Boss pedal, the AC-3 is built to withstand the battle scars induced by the gigging musician on the road. Get this compact simulation machine, and you'll no longer have to deal with bringing an acoustic guitar to the gig, or worry about switching axes in the middle of your set.

Four Awesome Acoustic Simulations Your Boss AC-3 acoustic simulator features four alluring and precise simulations to choose from: standard, jumbo, enhanced, and piezo. Play around with each setting to see which sounds suit your particular taste. The piezo setting delivers that sought-after "cut through the mix" direct piezo tone. The AC-3 really hits the nail on the head with warm, resonating, and realistic acoustic sound.

Easy Control Layout for Dialing in Sweet Acoustic Tones Dialing in the exact sound you're looking for is as simple as a few quick tweaks. From left to right, you have your reverb level control, then your body control, and then your top control dial. Your reverb level dials in how much reverb effect mixes in with your output, and your body determines how much low-end and soundhole-simulating resonance comes in. Your top control brings in the brightness and zing the way a hardworking condenser microphone would on an acoustic axe. Each control gives you a lot of sonic movement for a wide span of possibilities.

Versatile Output Options: Separate Amp and Line Outs To make engaging your simulation as seamless as possible, your Boss AC-3 features two separate 1/4" outputs: one guitar amp out and one line out. The guitar amp out is for your disengaged signal heading to your amplifier, and your line out is for your engaged acoustic-simulated signal. This line-out signal can go to a secondary acoustic amplifier, or to the house mixer/PA system for amplification. It can also go to another effects pedal, if you're interested in experimenting around with your acoustic tone.

Rugged for the Road Your Boss AC-3 is build with a rugged outer chassis that holds up well to the strenuous atmosphere of the road. You can focus more on your performance assured that your AC-3 will deliver on-demand warm alluring acoustic tones, stomp after stomp.

Features: - Stompbox acoustic simulator pedal
- Reverb, body, top, and mode controls
- Simulation modes feature standard, jumbo, enhanced, and piezo settings
- One 1/4" instrument input
- One 1/4" standard guitar amp output
- One 1/4" direct to PA or acoustic amplifier output
- Onboard reverb
- Powered via 9 volt battery or external power supply -- sold separately
- Secure and rugged outer chassis  

Uses 9-volt battery or PSA-120 adapter (not included).

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal