7 lbs 15oz one of a kind!!

new 2021 fresh build

Fender USA solid rosewood neck part # 0993960921 (sells for $699)

22 Narrow Tall Frets, 9.5" Radius, Natural

Fender gloss black Telecaster body w contoured heel (sells for $249)

Fender tuners ($59)

single ply bakelite guard ($30)

duncan broadcaster pickups ($119)

fender bridge ($15)

fender compensated brass saddle $30

Fender CTS solid shaft volume pot

Fender push pull tone post for out of phase tone

CRL 3 way toggle

switchcraft input jack

all cloth wiring

9-42 strings

all parts added up cost more than $1100

plus the labor to professionally assemble and adjust this new guitar

I am an authorized Fender dealer / guitar service tech and all these parts are new directly from Fender except the duncan pickups

2021 custom build Fender Telecaster USA solid rosewood neck black duncan pickups