2014 Carr Mercury 1x12 Combo Amp

Fender tilt back legs added, pro installation 

Cream Tolex

8 watts with graduated amp attenuator

3 position gain switch  (low/medium/high)

Lush reverb

Extremely versatile sounding amp, will from sparkly clean to screaming high gain tube saturated overdrive

Non master volume so all the gain is natural tube gain

Volume goes from whisper quiet to very loud

Can be surprisingly loud for 8 watts

I used to gig with this on the 2 watt setting with a fairly loud rock band

Nice TUKI cover is included

I am very careful with my gear and its in very nice condition 

This amp has never given me any issues, always worked perfectly

2014 Carr Mercury 1x12 Combo Amp Cream Blonde Tolex