Lightly and carefully used 2012 Conrad Johnson LP66S stereo tube power amp  
Original clean condition with original power cord, box and papers  
One owner, it was originally sold as ‘Blemished’ because the Gold on the faceplate is a lighter shade than the usual Gold normally seen on their faceplates.  
Replaced all 4 power tubes and the 3 pre-amp tubes about 10 months ago. Very low time usage on these tubes.  
The LP66S uses seven vacuum tubes of two different types: three type 6922 (V1, V2 and V3), and four type 6550 (V4 through V7). The brands of tubes we supply have been chosen by first selecting those brands which are known to be most reliable, then by exten- sive auditioning of these acceptable brands with the final choices being made solely on the basis of sonic performance 

Power: 60 watts per channel RMS both channels driven into 4 ohms from 30Hz to 15KHz at no more than 1.5% total harmonic distortion or intermodulation distortion (can be re-connected in- ternally for 8 or 16 ohm loads).

Sensitivity: .5 V rms to rated power
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20 kHz +0/-.3 dB Hum and Noise: 96 dB below rated power output Phase: phase correct
Input Impedance: 100 kOhms

Dimensions: 13.375"D x 17.75"W x 6.625”H Net Weight: 49 lb net

2012 Conrad Johnson LP66S Stereo Vacuum Tube Power Amp