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1989 era Fender Stratocaster 3 Color Sunburst Maple Neck w Case
Could be1988 but cannot read date stamp in the neck pocket
Pickups have been change to a DiMarzios high output HS-3 DP117 in the bridge & HS-2 DP116 pickup in the neck position 
Middle pickup is a DiMarzio without a sticker but I assume its another HS-2
These are hum cancelling pickups
The pots may have been changed also
Frets and neck in good used condition
They do not have any serious wear and need no work
Neck is straight and plays great
Missing the original wang bar but a new one will be included 
Setup with 9-42 strings
Weight: 8 LBS
Its ready go and needs no work
Comes with case as shown

1989 Fender American Standard Stratocaster Sunburst Maple Neck DiMarzio

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