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1972 CF Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar w blue molded case

Guitar is in very nice condition but is not perfect

It's great player

Pickguard commonly failed and has been replaced

Guitar has been re-fretted and frets are in excellent condition

There may have been some fingerboard binding repairs since there is evidence on the finger binding near the body where the color is lighter that the rest The saddle is cut pretty low to obtain the correct string height which means that it is on the verge of needing a neck reset. The string height is very nice and playable now but again the saddle is low. It is completely acceptable now as it is but if you're super picky and demand perfection then this guitar is not for you unless you want to deal with a neck reset.

Overall this guitar is in very nice condition for a 1973

Appears to be original finish, string action is nice and playable and guitar plays and sounds great

1973 CF Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar w Blue Case