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Vintage 1968 era National LP457-2 Electric Guitar Black
I was told this is from 1968 but not positive on the year so please do your homework and decide for yourself
This is a made in Japan early lawsuit guitar in the style of a black beauty Les Paul Custom
Appears to be mostly originalHas had a full check with some minor repairs done to make sure everything is functioning as it should
Low "E" bridge saddle has been replaced
Neck is straight
Frets are in good condition and do not need work
Action is good and low and easy to play
The case is a vintage case but appears to be for a longer neck or a bass or a 12 string. The guitar fits fine but the case is much longer than needed
The case is also covered with stickers as shown
Weight:  8 LBS

1968 National LP457-2 Black LP Custom Lawsuit MIJ Japan

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