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1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silver Face Combo Amp|
The amp and cabinet appear to be all original and never repaired or serviced.
All the caps are original and the large caps show no signs of leakage
All the tubes are original and are vintage for sure
All transformers are original and one is dated late 1966, the other 2 are dated 1967
Original speakerI was told this amp had not been turned on since the 70s
I opened it up to give it a checkup
Cleaned all the pots and tube sockets
Fired it up and everything works and sounds great
No weird noises
The footswitch while original looks like maybe an end was changed. 
One of the 2 connectors does not have the typical end on it but it works.
Date stamp inside the chassis is 1968
Nice modern padded amp cover included
Please look over the pictures, amp comes as shown
This amp is 55 years old, come try it out and you will see it works great. 
The warranty has expired and I am sure if you needed this to be reliable for touring or gigging then it might need some service but its working great now


For now... this is local pickup only

1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silver Face Drip Edge Combo Amp w cover

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