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1965 Gibson LG-1 Sunburst finish
Original brown alligator chip case included
Cosmetically guitar is in very nice condition
The neck angle is pretty good
Fingerboard is not perfect but has nice action and plays great except when you get up past the 12 fretIf you play up beyond the 12th and you demand perfection then this guitar will need some work. If you don't ever play up there then this guitar will be fine as is
There are some high spots on the fret above the 12th fret. I have not addressed any fret work on this yet so as is
Bracing and bridge seem tight
I am not aware of any repairs but its possible its had some work since its 58 years old, but its a clean looker

1965 Gibson LG-1 Sunburst Acoustic Guitar w Alligator Case

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