$13,000 OBO


Oct 1965 Fender Stratocaster refinished to 3 Color Sunburst
Fat B shape neck
Figured maple on the back of neck (oversprayed finish)
Pickguard and plastic appear to be original
from a fellow eBayer:
"I feel very confident that all of the plastic is real.

The knobs, pickup covers, and tips look 100% legit, and the pickguard has every characteristic of a 1965 part.
It is white, it has the correct bevel, and every part of the machining looks 100% right.
There are no repros on the market that match."

"These early pickguards were cut with a special routing bit that gives the edge a certain look.
You will not see this look even on the custom shop reissues as the bit used is different.
On other clones you will find that the screw holes are large which allows the screws to sit deep in the holes.
The originals had perfect holes that were the same size as the screws.
Because of this, most originals will have a slight warp/welt around the screw hole from years of pressure.
The knobs have the correct small numbers with correct larger letters. If you look close, the knurls will all curve off to one side at the very bottom. Also, they will have 3 spokes on the bottom.
The switch tip should only have a slit that matches the shape of the switch. As new ones have a cross."
Pickups and wiring look real except an added 5 way switch
All 3 pickups are strong and sound great
All 3 pots also work great
Nice frets need no work
Medium sized frets, not too large to seem ridiculous - just right
Super straight neck plays great
Trem works great
Great player ready to go - all set up with 9-42 go to the gig
Springs look new
Bridge looks correct
Trem arm is new
Recent Tweed case included

1965 Fender Stratocaster 3 Color Sunburst Refin with HSC