4 lbs 5oz
1958 CF Martin D-28
Brazilian Rosewood back and sides
ebony fingerboard
guitar just came back from Brothers Music (for repairs)>
A whole laundry list of repairs was completed.
This guitar is all dialed in and will need no work for a very long time.
Fingerboard is dead straight.
Neck angle is great (neck was previously reset and angle is correct).
New bridge installed, new saddle.
Frets replaced (top quality fret replacement by Brother music / ex CF Martin repair shop employees and do expert quality repairs on vintage CF Martin guitars).

Neck is straight , frets are new and perfect.
Saddle height is perfect.
Loose brace has been repaired.
Bridge plate repaired.
A few cracks repairs fixed.
Finish is original, as far as I know there is no finish overspray on this, just original laquer.

Modern high quality guitar case included as shown.


1958 CF Martin D-28 Brazilian Rosewood