1956 Fender Precision bass original sunburst finish original finish maple neck big fat baseball bat neck shape with rounded V

a few of the tuners mounting screws has rusted out and broke off, these would need to be carefully removed and replaced, the tuners are firmly in place so I left out, the tuners work fine

pickguard does have a small little crack as shown

also the previous owner decided it was great idea to move the pickup cover about a half an inch so there is two brilliantly executed extra holes, these are included at no extra charge.

the pickup and bridge covers are included there is what looks like a crack on the back of neck at the the skunk stripe but its is not moving an does not effect the neck or playability. neck is straight and plays great, this bass sounds like a piano!!!, frets are is very good shape and do not need work, electronics are untouched, original pickup and parts all unmessed with  
the warranty has expired  
I got this from the family of the original owner, when I got it there was a old gigbag included. I will include the gigbag although I do not think it is original. I got a new Fender G&G tweed P bass case for so it will ship in its newer case

1956 Fender Precision Bass sunburst